Football System

Football System

Objective and Features:
To keep an automated players personal and matches data and generate on-line statistics reports.
It is a web enable, can be used anywhere.
It has access control, User ID and password.
It has dashboard reflecting:
Players by group
Players by position
Injured players by age group
Ration of Forwards by age group
Ratio of Goalkeepers and Goals Conceded
Current tournaments
Users can enter:
Players personal data including a players photo
Matches played, local or International
Players employer and contact person
Players transfer form to Club
Players Injuries details and recovery date
User can also view all the above data and edit them
User can also search for player by Name or CPR No.
User can also print the player full details on A4 paper with the player photo
The system has tables for the Admin to add, delete or edit, Club name, Position, Town, Injury, and Tournament.
Also the Coaches name and nationality for each group can be entered with their contact details and contract start and end dates
Many reports can also be generated on both PDF and Excel
Reports can be by any field, Name, Position, Tournament, age group etc..
Reports can also be generated for one player or group of players.
It can also search for matches played in certain period.

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