E-Library System

E-Library System

Objectives of the system:

To have all the company’s departmental manuals, procedures, instruction and general circulars on-line, well controlled and accessible by either all employees or by authorized persons.

System features:

• There will be a Super Admin who is in-charge of creating users and Sub-Admins
• Create category for each documents for example, Manuals, Scheme, hand book etc.
• Create a document as a booklet and give it a name
• Decide if this booklet is a Generic i.e. to be seen by any employee or specific employees
• Create pages within the booklet, Arabic and English
• Reminder to Amin on when to review certain booklet
• Access is given by booklet
• Users have their own IDs and passwords
• Users have a dashboard showing all the booklets they have access to
• Admin can make changes/update on the manuals/booklets
• Users are automatically notified if the admin make any changes/update in any documents per page
• Circulars are stored and users can refer to them any time and download them
• Facility for important circulars which need certain users’ confirmation i.e. (Read and Understood)
• Users reports to show which user has seen/read which booklet and how many pages he has read and when he first logged in and last log out in a particular date and total time the user was navigating on that day.
• PDF reports are filtered by Date, Department, Booklet and user
• Admin can refer to the changes he made on each page of a booklet and generate a PDF report reflecting the date of change, reason for changes, changed by etc.., this is for audit purposes.
• Sub-Admin is a responsible person in the department for the manuals/booklet etc...
• Users will be locked after 5 attempts if they use incorrect ID or password
• Admin can unlock/lock and delete Sub-Admin and users
• Sub-Admin can unlock/lock users
• Deleted booklets and users are stored in a temporary file
• Deleted booklets and users can be permanently deleted or restore

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