Assessment System

Assessment System

• Exams levels can be assembled and previewed, edited and published instantly.
• Tests can be edited and updated for future use.
• Determine the time limit for each exam level for better control.
• Revise plans and concepts based on assessment/test results.
• Incorporate technology in book-oriented courses.
• Increase grading accuracy. Predefined answers reduce the chance of human error. The exception to this is essay questions.
• Offer endless opportunities for learners to practice quizzes and tests via the unlimited re-takes feature.
• Prevent copying by randomizing order of questions, views, or answers especially when taking tests in close area.
• Minimize guessing by restricting number of tries.
• Verify identity of test taker upon login by requiring individual‘s ID number.
• Administration access control
• Work from anywhere with the online system feature.
• Unlimited number of students/candidates can carry out tests at the same time.
• Questions can be presented in multiple choices, true and false and written format, or a combination of both.
• Administrator can determine the test level based on academic qualification or user’s job title.
• Detailed results page is printed on a single A4 page with the ability to be sent electronically in PDF format.
• Test history is kept for easy reference.
• Reliable search engine allows for more convenience and ease retrieve.
• Produces the assessment/test’s result instantly.
• Answers are not editable.
• Reduce long-term costs. Electronic assessments/tests are re-usable, paperless.
• Determine prior knowledge at the start of a course i.e. for placement test.
• Enhance overall quality of assessment delivering and managing.

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