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NewEra Software Solutions

We are specialist in Software Solutions and Related Services. Our work environment is characterized by teamwork and collaboration with each person recognizing and accepting responsibilities to their job as well as to each other. New Era has shown a remarkable growth in a very short span of time and expertise’s in providing end-to-end business IT solutions.

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NewEra Travel solutions

New Era travel and tourism agency was founded in 2015 in the kingdom of Bahrain providing our services to customers in Bahrain and Gulf Corporation Countries and Indian-Subcontinent. Our core strengths are in our abilities in satisfying our customers. Our aim is to be a partner with our customers to help strengthen relationships with them.

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HR Consultancy

Nearly every company needs a perfect HR System.An effective HR system is very important for the sucessfull operation of a company. HR Consulatncy includes Policies and Procedures, Recruitment Administration services, Job descriptions, Training, Manpower planning. Every company cannot afford to hire staff permanently and here New Era will assist you for better HR System without any space, staff and computer in your business premises. New Era, has a good experience in delivering excellence . 

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Responsive Websites

Responsive design provide features like Less effort,Smooth User Experience,Statics,User Friendly website,Search Engine Optimization (SEO)No Redirects,Less Maintenance,Free of Device-Alternating Issues.

What We Offer


The information itself will be error free.


Information is relevant because it influences business decisions. The information will be available on time and have a level of detail significant enough to show trends, comparisons and other information that fuels business decisions.


The more guesswork involved in an accounting system, the more prone a company is to error. If the accounting system is user friendly and easy-to-understand, the more chance the accounting system has of being implemented to its full capacity.


A great accounting system has easy to access reports that can are comparable across business units and periods to identify trends. To be comparable, accounting reports must belong to a period, use common unit of measurement and a common format of reporting.


When running your business, it is essential that you’re able to quickly and efficiently access data to troubleshoot and map out future plans for not only efficiency but also success


Good system that is counter-intuitive to your accounting needs can hinder productivity. Communicate with your employees as to what would work best.

We Follow a Simple Process Many web sites still in their infancy versions have evolved over the years

Creative Ideas

Why Choose Us?

Quality Control

We used to ensure a certain level of quality in a product or service.It might include whatever actions a business deems necessary to provide for the control and verification of a product or service.


Our services and products have good clarity and acquires your business needs.We not only design needs but consider functionality through our professional and cutting-edge web design offerings.

Data Security

Protecting your business from a security breach isn't just about practicing safe tech. It's about hiring the right people, having a good security policy in place and employing common sense.

Cost Effective

We are providing good service and products with reliable cost.Our team provides cost effective products.The information is not desirable if the solution is more costly than the problem.

Business is an economic activity of production and distribution of products and services. It provides employment opportunities in different sectors like Accounting and It Solutions etc. Business results into generation of employment opportunities thereby leading to growth of the economy. It brings about industrial and economic development of the country.Modern business is creative and dynamic in nature. Business firm has to come out with creative ideas, approaches and concepts for production and distribution of productsand services. It means to bring things in fresh, new and inventive way.

Business technology has revolutionized the way companies conduct business. Small businesses can implement business technology and level the playing field with larger organizations.Business technology helps you to reduce business costs. Business technology helps automate back office functions, such as record keeping, accounting and payroll. Business owners can also use technology to create secure environments for maintaining sensitive business or consumer information. Many types of business technology or software programs are user-friendly. Emails, texting, websites and personal digital products applications, known as “apps," can help companies improve communication with consumers.

The marketing function of our business is customer-centred. It makes an attempt to study the customer needs, and are serviced accordingly. The business existence depends on human needs. In a competitive market, the services and high quality products to the customer are the ones that are well-accepted. Hence, every activity of a business is customer-oriented. Our services are more than the amount paid, which makes the customer satisfied.On our way we need to address present and future customers,so we plan, price, promote and distribute our products and services. Functions such as On-time delivery, after-sale services and updation helps us to increase our customer confidence.

Digital opportunities are changing the way business is done. Customer and employee expectations are rising and keeping up can be challenge. So take a look, be inspired and find out how we can help your people and business thrive in the modern world, whatever the challenge.Keeping your business secure,Connecting your business,working on the move,Serving your customer better,reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Why we are Best!

Products delivered at the right time and the right place to the right person.
Variety Websites
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The services counted on to be trustworthy. We are accurate, consistent with facts and verifiable.


Since products will be understandable by the receiver so that he will interpret it correctly. The client will be able to decode any abbreviations, shorthand notations or any other acronyms contained in the information.

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To assist, support and guide our clients to meet their goals through our people, services and solutions.

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